October 09, 1983

My name is NICHOLAS MAYFIELD. I'm an artist from Riverside California.

My work originates from Black History, Americana with the raising of in the boom of skateboard and hip-hop culture. From the very racial strong 80s/90s of being a black male during the crack, gang and strong prison era. Yet just like hip-hop and Skateboarding knows no color or gender, it now crosses all color lines and brings humanity together.

We live in the era of the Warhol effect, he predicted "15 minutes of fame", filled with various influences of different artistic currents and popular culture. My art is the best way to explain my revelations of life, to make sure they stick in this 3.5 seconds terrible attention span. My paintings are an authentic evolution of previous generations as a stamp of our current circa as well as seen as contemporary representations. Although I work with a unique painting style, I prefer different and diverse interpretations of my works.


Before painting full time I was a cut and sew designer with my clothing brand SOULFUL COMMANDOE.with four stores in downtown Los Angeles. I worked with Young Money, lil Wayne, Tyga$, Drake, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Musiq Soulchild, will.I.am -to name a few. I love clothing, however, since having my amazing daughter I have focused purely on my first LOVE as a kid- Art. Having a kid allows you to see life again through the exciting eyes of a child. I’ve also figured out a way to combine Art and clothing, it’s a beautiful thing! This year alone I've been blessed to work with the Migos (Quavo/Offset) Taylor Gang, Lil Pump, Blocc Boy JB to Matt Groening -creator of the Simpson's, & King Chip


One of the many artists I admire is Emory Douglas. I aspire to have such a quality of expression. Our culture doesn’t believe in just eating yellow cake anymore. The 90’s ‘keep it real ‘culture has grown up. I live my life principles by keepin it real.  In this day and age of information and technology, people can speak their truth through by various expressions and platforms, with a non-puppet voice. My way of expressing myself is art. I want people to look at my art like a pop-up picture book for generations to come.